July 1, 2012

July Goals

I am so glad July is here. It means it is one month closer to August which is going to be an exciting month! But until August gets here, let's see what we are going to do in July.

July Goals

- Read a book - Outcasts United 
- Watch fireworks
- Celebrate July 4th with family
- Have friends over for dinner at least once
- Attend a wedding
- Try a new recipe
- Start the C25K program
- Do some sort of craft!
- Go bowling

Happy July! Rabbits Rabbits!


  1. So, I'm really bad with this blogging stuff and am just getting caught up on reading some of your posts. I noticed that one of your July goals is to start the C25K program. First let me say that I am super proud of you!!! Second, I will be your cheerleader the whole time (if you'd like) and you can ask me any questions you may have. Third, this is a great program for all beginning runners. My uncle Ken who just had gastric bypass surgery and has gone from 300+ pounds down to 200 is using this program to lose the last bit of his weight and really likes it. Lastly, I can't remember exactly how long the program is, but if you sign up to run a 5k at the end of it let me know when and where it is and I'll look into coming down to do it with you/ cheer you on!!!

  2. That is awesome! I have planned it out that my race will be the Susan G. Komen 5k on Sept 30. When I was taking boot camp classes the instructor said that the pain I was having in my shins meant I wasn't really made for running. But, I am determined to at least try! And, yes, I could use all the advice I can get! Miss you!