March 27, 2012

My 25th Birthday Surprise - NYC!!

I've told you all several times that I have the best husband ever. And, my 25th birthday was no different. He surprised me with a trip to New York City! He knew that I had wanted to go for some time now. He did end up telling me with a little advance so I was able to tell him all the things I wanted to see. 

Lesson #1 of the NYC trip-
We left really early on Thursday morning. Once we got to the NYC airport there were two options to get to the hotel. A taxi - $30ish or the public transit route by bus then subway - $10ish. Being the typical tight-wads that we are, we choose public transit. BAD IDEA!!! They told us to get off at this one stop which turned out to be right in the middle of Harlem. This sweet lady who happened to be a teacher saw the big mistake we were about to make and told us not to get off. (Keep in mind we are rolling our luggage everywhere!) We eventually made it to the hotel 2 hours later. It was terrible. Lesson - always take the taxi and don't try to save money in NYC, it isn't worth it.

We had a very tight schedule to try and see everything in the amount of time we had. There was a lot of walking and very little sleep! And, we happened upon other things on our way to the main attractions!

Enjoy the pictures!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

American Pride!

This was in the visitor's center. This was the Broadway Play we were headed to see too!

 Times Square

At least the man was honest!


 Bryant Park

M&M Store

Hershey Store

Double-Decker Bus Tour - my favorite!

Can you see how close to the street light she was?!?!

Flat Iron Building

 Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

I can't help it - I love graffiti!!

Elementary School with a dragon made out of recycles!

Radio City Hall

Good Morning America

Lesson #2
We were told by a previous GMA visitor that you had to get to the studio REALLY early to be able to go in  and view the show. As in 4:00 AM early. We left our hotel at 3:30 AM to start walking to Times Square. We got there but no one else was there but the setup crew. No one else even showed up until 6:30. So we stood in Times Square for 2 hours and watched all the drunk people from the night before try to make their way home. It was quiet hilarious. But we ended up getting to know the crew pretty well. (Have you met my husband? He will talk to anyone!) The crew felt bad for us and made sure that we were able to meet Robin Roberts!!!! Lesson - do your own research about GMA.

This is outside the studio when Robin started waving at us!

Meeting Robin Roberts!

She's my favorite!

Then Robin Roberts tweeted me happy birthday!!

 The sun finally started to come up!

We also got to watch the segment outside since it was Friday.

 Josh Elliott

 Behind the scenes!

Ginger Zee & Bianna Golodryga

Empire State Building

Grand Central Station

 Time & Life Building

Rockefeller Center

Broadway Play
We went to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It was GREAT! And, as it turns out my great aunt was in the original cast in 1961! 

 Statue of Liberty

 Wall Street

Trump Building

World Trade Center Memorial

Central Park

5th Avenue Shopping!

Trump Tower

Grand Central Station at night!

The last night in our hotel room. 

 The Benjamin - our hotel!

 The Magnolia Bakery
Lesson 3 - We had heard that the Magnolia Bakery was famous for starting the cupcake craze. We had also heard they had wonderful banana pudding. So, we went to check it out and took it back to our hotel. The cupcake was terrible. Probably the driest cupcake I have ever had. And, the banana pudding wasn't any better than Nanny's. And, I found a HUGE piece of plastic in that I almost choked on. When I called the bakery their reply - "Sometimes it happens." Lesson - Stick to cheesecake in NYC!

 United Nations Building 

And, here are some other lessons we learned on the trip!

Lesson 4 - Always wear good shoes and take naps. We walked SO much in 4 days it was crazy.

Lesson 5 - No one could understand Tyler's accent nor could he understand theirs. Bring in interpreter - which was me! And, all New Yorkers thought Tyler was from Texas not Tennessee. 

Lesson 6 - They don't update the internet when the famous hot dog joint goes out of business. If you can't find it and nether can the nice police officer then just eat somewhere else.

Lesson 7 - Every one drinks coffee no matter where or what time of the day. I shouldn't try this. This just means I have to pee and there are NO public restrooms except nasty ones. Carry your empty Starbucks cup with you so you can always use their bathroom!

Lesson 8 - Learn to use the subway early on. It makes it SO much easier and saves you from blisters.

Overall it was a great trip! I could not have asked for a better 25th birthday!

And, in case you were wondering.. we took a taxi back to the airport. It took us 20 minutes to get there.


  1. So enjoyed reading this post!! Sam and I are possibly planning on going to NYC in December and your tips were super helpful for whenever we do go! Looks like you had a great Bday! :)

    1. You all will have SO much fun! Feel free to ask me if you want any more advice or pointers!