December 19, 2011

Governor's Mansion Holiday Tour

I saw a story on the news that the Governor's Mansion was going to be open for a holiday tour. Of course, this was not something I wanted to miss - I mean it is going to be our future home some day.

This was inside the foyer of the mansion

This little baby tree represented Gov. Haslam's newest grandson that had just been born.

We loved this print of the mansion.

The beautiful dining room!

There were so many beautiful trees!

Tyler was checking out the view!

We then took a little bus ride down to the underground hall.

This was the American solider tree. There was an ornament for every fallen soldier this year.

These were the children's book trees. Children from elementary schools in the area decorated ornaments that told about their favorite books.

More trees!

I thought this was a neat ornament!

The cool outdoor space that you could see up to ground level.

This was the higher education tree. All the Universities, Colleges, and Schools in the state sent in an ornament to be hung on the tree.

Of course, we had to find the UTC one!

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