July 24, 2011

This Week's Groceries

This was a pretty small grocery week at the Forrest's. If you remember we are working to fill our freezer with meat and use it for the entire month. With this being the last week of the month, the choices are limited. (Also, I am sad to admit that the Omaha meat from April is just now being used up due to the build out of the store which threw our meal planning for a loop.)

Since we are cleaning out the meat, I have planned the meals to clean out everything else out of the freezer - which means, small grocery bill & random items to complete a meal.

Back to the groceries shall we?

Total before savings: $39.70
Total after savings: $23.00

Heinz 57 Sauce - Original price $3.99 Paid $2.44
Ritz Crackerfuls - Original price $3.49 Paid $1.50
Toothpaste - Original price $2.99 Paid $.50
Spot Remover - Original price $5.39 Paid $1.88
Palmolive Dish Soap - Original price $3.19 Paid $1.50

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