July 7, 2011

OH Pepper!

Our pepper plants are coming along wonderfully! We are expecting to harvest any time soon!



And, you can kinda see a red one!

Have any bell pepper recipes?


  1. Emily, cute blog! i have a great recipe for bell peppers: Peanut Sesame noodles. Andrew and I had it last night and it is to die for. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Peanut-Sesame-Noodles-106572 Here's the recipe, plus I added carrot that I peeled off into strips with a veggie peeler. Good Luck, I love that you are gardening!

  2. Love the pepper pictures! I harvested my first red bell pepper a couple of days ago and have already picked two jalepenos. I've got a yellow bell pepper that I can't wait! to pick, but it is refusing to turn yellow!