June 12, 2011

This week's groceries

This week was especially exciting because Bi-Lo was doubling coupons up to $.99 due to a miss print in their ad. So, I gathered up all my $.75 coupons and headed over.

Total before savings: $59.54

Total spent: $33.41


Macaroni Grill Meal
Originally $8.49 - Paid $4.25

Cheese Its
Originally $4.20 - Paid $1.10

Colgate Toothpaste (x2)
Originally $3.29 - Paid $.49

Reynolds Foil
Originally $1.69 - Paid $.19

Worcheshire Sauce (x2)
Originally $1.79 - Paid $.29

Ragu Sauce (2 lb jar) (x2)
Originally $3.29 - Paid $.89

Knoll Rice Sides
Originally $1.35 - Paid $.25

I also got two packages of meat (that had in store coupons on them), bread, OJ (on sale) and butter (with a coupon) that we just needed.

How is your couponing coming along?

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