January 14, 2011

Snow Week

If you live anywhere close to Tennessee you know that a crazy unusually large snow snow came through this week. And, by unusually large.. we get 8 inches. More snow than I can remember ever seeing.. especially in Chattanooga. UTC was out the entire week due to the weather conditions. It wouldn't get above freezing so nothing was melting and it would just freeze worse over night. My work was closed Monday & Tuesday but I couldn't go Wednesday either because our road was so icy.

So, with nothing else to do... we ventured out to check out all this snow.

I think this is right as Tyler is asking me not to throw that at him!

Those three little bumps in the bottom of the picture are actually little bushes that were barely even seen because there was so much snow!
I grabbed the yard stick to measure the exact amount of it all.
All bundled up!
I was amazed..... so much snow.
And, this is just before we went sledding with the neighborhood kids.. We traded my cafeteria trays for their sled.... It was a good trade!

The thrill of the snow quickly died. We resorted to watching some of the most random free on demand movies. And, we were finding random things in our cabinets to cook. Not to mention, everything in the house was clean. I went in search of laundry at one point.
So... here's to hoping we have our fill of snow for the rest of the season!

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