December 28, 2010

Four Christmases?... Try TEN!

You probably all have seen the movie Four Christmases. I remember watching it with Tyler when it came out and thinking to myself that our Christmases would be something similar. Well... I was right.. just add a few extra than four.

We managed to still see everyone for Christmas and kept almost all the same traditions while adding new ones! We lost a lot of sleep during the holidays but it was totally worth it!

1. Barnett Christmas in Athens the weekend before Christmas. Tyler's Dad's extended family.

2. Forrest Christmas with Tyler' s Dad's side of the family

3. Christmas with Tyler's cousin, Harry. (sorry! No pictures from this one!)

Cooking on Dec 23 for the dinner on Christmas Eve. Tyler takes a few lessons from Nanny.

4. Christmas with Tyler's grandfather - (sorry no pictures!)

5. Christmas Eve morning with Tyler's mom.

We got her a copy of our wedding album and she LOVED it!

Jon and Chelsea opened presents with us at Amie's house.

6. Priest Christmas Eve Dinner - Tyler's Mom's side
Tyler and Nanny - ready for the guests to arrive.

Drawing a number for the present swap.

Ready for the present swap game.

Drew got the shop vac that Tyler later stole back from him.

After the Priest Christmas Eve dinner we drove back to Chattanooga.

7. Christmas morning on our first married Christmas!

Tyler got me bookends for all my cookbooks.

I got Tyler the George W. Bush book! Of course!

We continue the tradition of caramel bread for Christmas breakfast.

Because of the chance of snow on Christmas day we had parked my car down at the Dollar General so that in case it was bad weather we could walk to the car and still make it to Nashville. Well while we opened presents there was a huge downfall of snow... and it was covering the road. So we hurried up getting ready and started on our half mile trek down the hill to my car.

We were not only carrying our luggage but presents and two desserts that I had prepared for Christmas dinner.

We finally made it to the car and we were off to Nashville.

We finally made it to Nashville and we were only 20 minutes late!

8. Christmas with Granny Peggy - my Dad's side (sorry no pictures on my camera!)

9. Martin family Christmas

(How many Martin's does it take to stack presents?!?)

Sarah opens her presents from Tyler and I.
Tyler opens one of our presents.
Dad opening his gift from the Wallers in VA.

We bought my parents a new microwave. My mom was VERY excited. Their current microwave is 33 years old. My dad got it for my mom on their 1st anniversary.

Then Riley got to open his presents!
10. Young Christmas - my Mom's side

My grandmother packaged our gifts in her old prescription bags. Our gifts were things she acquired in bingo at her retirement home. We got an electric Bible - for the Governor - (as she calls Tyler!)

We came back to Chattanooga with one day to recover before I had to head back to work.

We successfully made it through our first of many Christmases!

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