October 5, 2010

The Lone Star State

The River City Company took a business trip to Texas. We started off our trip to Austin and stayed there for two days and then headed to Fort Worth.

Austin was great. I've always heard that Austin was like Nashville on drugs... and I think I would have to agree. I really loved it there.. almost more than Fort Worth.. but don't tell them that!'

Boots are EVERYWHERE! Check out this boot store. (Picture courtesy of Blair W.)
In Austin we stayed at a cute little hotel on South Congress right in the heart of some really great little shops.
There was a great little patio out back that we spent our afternoons in Austin.
After we got done in Austin we drove to Fort Worth. Most of our days were spent in classes for the conference but there was always exciting things to do at night. And, no matter where we went to eat... there was a crazy long wait! One night we took a trip to the Stock Yards. We found a little place call The Lonesome Dove with some amazing food. I even tried ELK that night! (Which might I add is REALLY good!)

The last night was a progressive dinner through the three museums in Forth Worth. At one of the museums I looked outside and it was a perfect view of the downtown.
Overall it was a good trip. I learned a lot... and ate a lot. But, I also realized I left my heart in Tennessee. Good ol' Tennessee can never be replaced!

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