September 27, 2010

Paula Deen!

Tyler and I picked up Zach on Saturday morning and headed off to Cherokee, NC to see Paula Deen. We got some pretty good seats considering the tickets were free!

We also had some really nice ladies to sit behind us... I think they had a little crush on Zach! This picture is while we were waiting for Paula to come out... she was 30 minutes late. Tyler and Zach started "the clap" to get her to come out.. and it actually worked!!!!
Tyler took this of me infront of the stage... I was impressed with his skills!
Paula finally came out...she is a hoot! She was super nice and very interactive with the crowd. The only thing.. she never cooked....someone else cooked!
She did actually get behind the "stove" at one point to try the food. I made sure to get a picture of her actually doing something with the food!

The only thing that was disappointing about Paula Deen is that there was no crowd control. People were constantly just walking up to the stage and interupting the show. It was just annoying because they were trying to get autographs, etc and didn't care that there were over 3,000 other people in the auditorium....But, it was fun none the less and I loved getting to see her!

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