September 21, 2010

Our Love for UTC Continues....

As you all know, Tyler and I hold a special place in our hearts for UTC. We are dedicated to continue our service to the University even though our days in undergrad are long gone.

We recently found out that Tyler was nominated to be the newest member of the Hamilton County University of Tennessee Alumni Association Board of Directors.

(Below is a map of all the alumni chapters in Tennessee)

(Tyler is also the newest member of the Chattanooga Regional Science Fair! It was a huge surprise but we are very proud!)

Part of my new position at River City is to focus on connecting UTC to downtown. One of my first events was on Sept 3, a pep rally in Miller Plaza for the football season opener. It was a huge success! We had about 400 people show up and lots of Mocs spirit. We even got some media coverage for it!

The Mocs train came:

Band, cheerleaders, Coach Huesman, football players, and giveaways! It was a ton of fun!

And, I just found out this afternoon that since it was a success, we will be hosting another one for Homecoming! So, everyone, join us on October 15 at Miller Plaza for another Mocs Pep Rally!

I am also a part of the GOLD Council. (Graduates of the Last Decade)

And, Tyler and I are proudly the youngest members of the Chattanooga Achievement Society.

What are you doing to give back to your University?

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