July 28, 2010

Wedding Recap: Ladies Get Ready

The day was finally here. I was going to be Mrs. Tyler Forrest. I was on cloud nine. After doing hair and make-up at my house we were off to the chapel.

The flowers were beautiful and the perfect color. Waiting to be carried.
The dress was perfect. I couldn't wait to put it on. It was beautiful.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe. (You can see my sixpence in my left shoe for good luck.)
Another detail on my shoes were the letters, and the signatures. I had the groomsmen sign the T shoe and the bridesmaids sign the E shoe. The saying is that whoever's name gets worn off will be the next to get married. Notice that all the guys signed down by the heel so they wouldn't be next!
Tyler wrote me a sweet note that I read right before I put on my dress.His wedding present to me was a family Bible complete with the family tree filled out. He has spent some time research to find all the information. Even took a couple trips to the graveyard!
And, listed under the marriages page was our wedding.
It was time for my dress to go on. It was super hot and a lot of dress but I was thrilled! My dress was my something new. And, what you can't see was my panties... they were my something blue! My veil was my something borrowed (from the lovely Heidi Wolter.)
Mom zipped me up.
In March at my wedding shower, my Aunt Janis gave me these rings. They are my grandfather & grandmother wedding bands made into a charm for a necklace. Seeing as how I never met my grandfather, this was a special to me to have him there with us in spirit. We placed the rings inside my dress before I put it on. These were my something old.

My earrings were a gift from my mom this past Christmas.

My necklace, my first Christmas present from Tyler.
Then, I helped the other girls get ready!

Didn't I tell you I was hot?!?

One garter to save and one to throw!

Dad waiting patiently while we all got ready.

Next up: Guys Get Ready!


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