June 10, 2010

Bachelorette Bash

On Saturday, June 5th, all my wonderful girl friends gather in Nashville at my sister's house.

I wore my panty corsage proudly!
Sarah did a wonderful job. I had a custom made wine glass. An "Adios to the Single Life Burrito Bar" (personal fav!) and "Better Than Sex" cake!

Sarah is an amazing sister and a wonderful Maid of Honor!

After a little lingerie fun, we headed out into downtown.
We may... not may not have gotten home at 3:30 AM......
Honestly, it was better than I ever could have imagined. A night with my best friends in the world in one spot for a night of fun and plenty of laughs. I am truly blessed with great friends! Thanks for everything ladies!
16 Days!


  1. Thanks! You are too sweet! Love you!

  2. And, I love the new header/title thing at the top!

  3. Great to see your bachelorette party celebrations. I really liked the way you prepared wine glass. Want to have something creative for my bachelorette party too. That will be arranged at one of Seattle venues. Thanks for posting it here.