April 19, 2010

Come and Listen to a Story About a Man Named Jed

This weekend started the beginning of the big move to Cline Crest. Tyler and I went to Athens this weekend and brought back all that lovely furniture that we bought a couple weeks ago. Just imagine seeing this driving down the road.

Take a closer look - This is the first part - one half of the buffet, a library table, a chair, and a few wooden family pieces.

Then the second half was the trailer - washer, dryer, buffet, 2 end tables, sofa table, coffee table, marble top table, kitchen table, 4 chairs, 2 wicker chairs, the couch, a desk, and another chair. (What can we say... we like tables apparently. - Count them... 6 in this trip)

This storage unit was once packed to the gills. Now, it is less than half full.

Tyler then secured down our load.

The whole time we were loading the truck, we couldn't help but sing the very appropriate tune....
We took back roads all the way to Chattanooga in fear that too much speed and we might lose a piece. We finally arrive at the house... The moment you have all been wait for.... Cline Crest!

(Please notice the truck in the very left side of the picture!)

Another view of our nice landscaping. Notice there aren't any blinds....?

Tyler put up blinds the whole afternoon on Sunday. What a champ!
Remember the drapery rod that was above the front windows? Guess what the first thing to go was? Yep... the drapery rod.

Aren't the blinds SOOOO much better? And, take note, our furniture is in place!

That buffet on the wall was Tyler & I's wedding present. We decided that we should get something together that we would have forever instead of finding separate things for each other. (It is OURS... how cool is it to say that?!?!)
Tyler being the son in a long line of furniture salesmen, made sure our piece was solid. It is solid alright. So solid, we couldn't lift it. Thank God for nosy neighbors that saw the moving truck and decided to lend a hand. And, the best part, they stopped by again the next day and gave us a run down on everyone on the street. Haha.. priceless..
Needless to say, things are starting to come together but it still doesn't feel quite real yet.
Wedding Update: The invitation should be in Friday. (crosses fingers) They will be in the mail as soon as I can stamp them all. Tyler finally decided on a groom's cake last night which I absolutely love. (I will also be keeping this one a secret.) And, we are ordering a whole bunch of M&Ms soon. We attended the first of four pre-marital counseling class last night and got lots of homework. We registered for the 6th time this weekend while we were in Athens. Also, we are within days of the 2 month mark. Can you believe it? Wow... -ECM(F)

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  1. It could be good news if y'all have some "bubbling crude," though... :)
    Nice work!